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Z Ultimate Martial Arts Tournaments, an Unforgettable Experience

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Z Ultimate Martial Arts Tournaments are an excellent way for students to challenge themselves and expand their skills in their areas of development. These important competitions allow students to leave their own personal mark as they encounter new opponents. Students step up to the ring and face students from different dojos who may have a different fighting styles, ages, and height but in their same rank. One of our students said: “You may have no idea about what you are going to be up against! In that moment, all the butterflies in your stomach start flying with excitement, but no matter what the final outcome may be, you know you worked very hard to get to that moment, and you will never be the same after the experience.” There is always something new you learn about yourself when you are faced with this experience. As another student mentioned: “It is not the trophy that makes you a better person or a winner, is the effort that you put into it leading to that trophy that shapes the person that you become through competition.” After a Z Ultimate Tournament, students often leave feeling more enriched, experienced, and accomplished, knowing that an indelible mark is left in their hearts forever.

Self Defense - Discipline - Confidence - For a Lifetime

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