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A photo of what we fondly call the Z-Ultimate Tribe. It takes many people. The instructors of Z-Ultimate are always there not just to help the students but to help each other. We push each other in different ways. We each bring something to unique to the table to help each other grow. It starts from the top with GrandMaster Paul Taylor helping us and guiding as we learn the martial arts. Shihan Frank Ley. As I understand "Shihan" means an example to al the rest. He is a wonderful and kind man who is always generous with his time and knowledge. Master Kris Eszlinger motivating the instructors. Master Eszlinger always has a kind word to say about everyone. Don't forget that Master Eszlinger is very proficient in the martial arts. Master Hans Prosch shares his intimate details of the art. Expanding on the spirit of the art. Not just the physical. Master Will Clark I find alwas has a unique outlook not just in the martial arts but in life.

So you see it takes all kinds. We come from different backrounds but all have the same goals. We are commited with Great Honor and Privelege to Provide our respected and valued students the ultimate in Personalized Martial Arts Instruction.

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