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We want to make it easy for anyone to start this important training.  We believe that our program will change your body and your life in positive ways.  For that reason, we would like to partner with you.  We offer a complimentary 30-Day Trial at No cost and No obligation.  This includes one month of our training program (private and group training) along with all the materials you need to participate.

To get started, you will first meet with an instructor at the location best for you, register as a student, get your materials (uniform), set up your lesson times for the month, and take your first lesson. You will have 30 days to train with us and make sure we are a good fit for each other.

At the end of the 30-day trial period, if you want to continue, you will let your instructor know and they will inform you of the next step. If not, we part as friends and you can leave in better shape than when you started and with valuable knowledge and self-defense skills.

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Getting Started Is Free

It is crucial to select a dojo that is a good fit for you.  A good school will be able to customize their program to fit your needs, goals, age and abilities, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.  The dojo must be able to fit their program around you, instead of making you fit into what they do.


Having a clean, sanitized, safe, and family oriented environment is of utmost importance. All of our locations are in a well-lit retail shopping center in a free-standing building.  Our schools are recognized and active in their communities, and we have served them for over two decades.  Our facilities have bright, clean, open-floor training rooms.  Parents, family and friends are welcome to observe the classes as they are taught.

Our Dojos provide an atmosphere where people of all ages can gather, train, and grow:

  • The training for adults is rigorous and pushes them beyond what they think they can do. It is natural to feel sometimes nervous, anxious, or stressed in these situations; that's why having a supportive atmosphere it's critical for success.

  • The training for children and teen is a structured atmosphere where they learn in front of their peers and work with them while receiving training. They will be challenging each other in their classes as they practice together and need a feeling of security to do so.



Z-Ultimate specializes in age-specific, world-class personalized instruction using our system of Ultimate Kenpo. Our style takes the “best of the best” from Karate, Kung Fu and Jiu Jitsu and combines them into an Classical – Practical – Tactical method of self-defense that is easily adaptable to any body style: 

From Karate – We teach the linear, power-based stances, footwork and techniques. These styles are known for their simplicity of movement and emphasis on physical strength. It consists of most of the Japanese-based “hard” striking styles

From Kung Fu – We teach the circular movement, footwork and techniques that avoiding matching power with an opponent. These styles are known for the circular, deflecting movements and techniques and are designed for a smaller person to use against a larger opponent. The term Kung Fu means “to be proficient in” and includes many of the Chinese-based “soft” styles

From Jiu Jitsu  – We teach the trips, tackles and take downs as well as standing defenses against grabs, chokes and weapon attacks. These styles are also known for joint manipulation – like wrist locks and arm bars – as well as various chokes, strangles, breaks and controlling techniques from the Japanese-based grappling  or ground fighting arts

By taking the best from each style and blending them together, you get a system that prepares you to defend yourself in almost any situation, regardless of your size or the size of your opponent. It also allows us to train you in techniques that are the best fit for your body style.


Our Dynamic Mastery Method™ of instruction is the powerful combination of age-specific, private lessons combined with group classes.  Through our private classes, we customize our training to fit your specific age, ability, body style and goals, and you learn at your own pace.

Most dojos only offer group classes, where the instructor teaches to the lowest ranked students and usually a wide range of ages and belt ranks mixed together. While there is nothing wrong with this approach and it is how thousands and thousands of people have earned Black Belts, it is not the most efficient or effective way for individuals to learn.  Due to the nature of group classes, the large number of students, and the limited number of instructors, individualized training can be challenging.  As a result, students may develop bad training habits or miss the fine details that can make a technique effective or not work at all.  There is also little room for adjusting techniques for age, body style or ability.



During our private lessons you will learn our system in great detail, and you will learn the proper form and execution from the very beginning.  You will learn the technique, how it works, why it works, how to practice it properly, and more. After every class, you will leave feeling confident about what you have learned and what you can do to protect yourself or your loved ones.

During our group classes you will practice and apply what you are learning with people of similar age, size and skill level, and we'll emphasize on drilling and developing your skills.

This combination of personalized instruction along with group training allows each student to learn and develop at the fastest speed possible. With Z-Ultimate, we don’t believe in “One-Size-Fits-All” – we make our style fit you.

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Master Christopher Diaz

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