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Laying the foundation for future success

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Karate for Kids Provides the Tools to Succeed in Life and the Classroom

To grow up and become a successful,

productive and resilient adult, a child needs a strong foundation of values,

along with rock-solid self-esteem and a powerful self-image.

Our Martial Arts

for Children program was created for children ages 3 to 15 to teach them values like respect, discipline, humility, perseverance and collaboration with others.

Our program develops these fundamental values in a safe and family environment that supplies the structure needed for children to develop and mature under the leadership of their Sensei (instructor). Attending their private training and group classes regularly helps them develop these key values and characteristics while applying them at home and school.

To ensure your child’s first experience is safe and productive, all of our lesson plans are structured to teach the essential mental and physical values required to improve their overall attitude, behavior, confidence, discipline, self-esteem and fitness level.  All instruction is provided through high-energy, reward-based positive coaching, which allows your child to enjoy all aspects of learning to apply their new skills.

Our Karate Classes for Kids are usually broken down into several age groups (these are flexible, based on location, student population and demand):

  • Tiny Tigers – ages 3 to 7

  • Little Leopards – ages 8 to 11

  • Juniors and Teens – ages 12 to 15

Creating Future Leaders

Through our programs your children will: ​

  1. Develop strong self-esteem 

  2. Build an unshakable “can-do” attitude and positive self-image

  3. Develop total body coordination

  4. Build body endurance

  5. Develop razor-sharp focus for home and school

  6. Build listening skills

  7. Learn to be present and positively interact during conversations

  8. Develop cooperation with others

  9. Foster positive competition skills and sportsmanship 

  10. Build functional strength and fitness for good health

  11. Develop lifelong self-defense skills to stand up for themselves 

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