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Martial Arts For Teens 
Providing a Safe Haven for Teenage Development

Teenagers face a vast number of challenges daily.  Self-defense training is a great resource to keep them motivated, engaged, focused, and on track. Our specialized teen program will teach them both the physical and mental skills necessary to confidently avoid any form of unproductive confrontation in a safe and supportive environment. Your teen will be inspired through a mentorship style of instruction that will highlight the importance of self-discipline, self-respect, and personal accountability in their everyday lives and decision-making process.

Our Teens Program will:

  1. Develop confidence through learning and demonstrating martial arts techniques

  2. Stimulate their minds through challenging drills, techniques and training scenarios

  3. Provide a positive social network and support group of like-minded individuals 

  4. Strengthen your teen physically, mentally and emotionally

  5. Teach them responsibility and accountability

  6. Instill discipline through a structured environment 

  7. Support your teen with a safe, clean, structured and non-judgmental environment to positively learn and grow

(714) 730-6452

Master Christopher Diaz

13112 Newport Ave Suite C

Tustin, CA 92780

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